"He helped us develop our audio test map from it's humble beginnings as a static place hang out, to a full featured automated suite capable of verifying that all of our audio features stayed working throughout development."

-Damian Kastbauer

"Discussions with Reid at LucasArts on in-game captioning and journaling systems were amongst the most forward thinking I've come across in the game industry."

-Gary Boodhoo

"He single handedly taught me [LucasArts'] proprietary tools and provided me with answers when I couldn't figure them out myself. He was a driving force in our prototype and when things were getting out of control he was able to identify it quickly and get it back on track."

-Steven Kuroki

"Reid is the kind of Designer that producers dream of working with. He practically self-produces. He's got a great skillset and is a master of a ton of tools."

-Dave Cerra



Game Design & Writing Services

I am looking for projects that deal with social issues in ways that the game aims to create more awareness for an issue, attempts to change opinions or empowers people to act to create lasting change.

  • Analysis of your game design concept, highlighting the weaknesses and strengths with suggestions for improvement if needed given your goals for the game (awareness, opinion, action).
  • Custom game design meeting your goals for the social issue in question.
  • Narrative design to merge both narrative and gameplay elements cohesively.
  • Writing for world, characters, items, missions, manual and more.

Game Accessibility Services

My skills in Game Accessibility deal with making games more accessible from a physical perspective. Can players SEE, HEAR, and INTERACT with your game? If not, your game may need alternative vision modes, closed captioning or customizable controls.

  • Evaluation of how accessible your game is and solutions for improvement.
  • Custom designing a closed captioning system for your game or in house engine technology in collaboration with your artists and engineers.
  • Custom designing specialized "barrier-free" accessiblity features. Examples include hint systems, rewind gameplay to retry without penalty, VCR content navigation so players can skip content that blocks their progress, adjustable skill parameters and more.

If you think I can help with your project, you can find my contact info on my resume page.



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