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Will You Create a World of Consumers or Contributors?

Briefly recaps Jesse Schell's thought provoking talk at the 2010 D.I.C.E conference. I'm not a fan of this potential future of games and wonder if game developers will create games to make people better consumers, or better contributors.


What Goes Around - An Experimental Antiwar Game

I designed and programmed "What Goes Around", an experimental anti-war game. I discuss the design challenges I faced and my reasoning for the design choices I made.


Opinion: Create a Real PSA Against Online Hate Speech

I urge developers to create real, sincere and genuine PSA's reminding people that hate speech is not acceptable and should not be tolerated in online gaming experiences.


Breaking the Vicious Cycle

"In this article, game designer Reid Kimball posits that instead of striving for replayability, game designers can strive to create inspirational games that need only be played once." -Sande Chen


Infusing Games with a Moral Premise

I put forth an idea of how to use the concept of a Moral Premise to synchronize both gameplay and narrative to create more meaningful gaming experiences with progressive moral arcs.


Using Games as a Dialog with Players

I discuss one way games can become more artful, by engaging players in a dialog on specific topics.


Opinion: Costly Production Decisions to Avoid

I cover bad production decisions that turn projects into nightmarish clusterf*cks. *WARNING: This post has been rated M for Mature for language.


The Interactive Montage

I explore the idea of an interactive montage, adapted from the western film montage technique to include gameplay interactivity.


Commentary: Design Lessons from Torture in Games

I give a quick overview of torture in videogames and discuss how one of them has an important procedural message embedded in its mechanics.


Opinion: Too Much Action and Not Enough Adventure Gameplay

I think narrative driven action games overuse action gameplay and believe western adventure gameplay and other examples can help balance the player experience.


"It's Not Just a Game. It Can Save a Life."

A video interview with a woman who has a metabolic disorder, who talks about the value of games for disabled people.


Forget Fun. Is It Engaging?

Fun can have a variety of meanings to many people. I explain how fun has a very specific meaning and how its overuse restricts our acceptance of games that can't be described as fun. I offer a new descriptor for all games to strive for that include fun, as well as many other experiences.


Have You Thought About How the Disabled Play Games?

At GDC 2009 teamed up with the IGDA Game Accessibility SIG to ask your fellow game developers this question: "Have you thought about how disabled people play games?" Read on for their responses.

Opinion: Down with Ambition Less is More

I posit that ambitious development goals leads to less quality and makes crunch inevitable. Instead, why not embrace the concept of "less is more". We just might make better games to boot along with improving quality of life/health.



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